Low-Intensity Vs High Intensity-Exercise Which Is Better For Fat Loss?

Does Low-Intensity Exercise Burn The Mst Fat?

In this article, you will know about Low-Intensity Vs High-Intensity Exercise Which Is Better For Fat Loss? A very misconception in the exercise is that low-intensity exercise is the best way to lose body weight and, and more especially, body fat. this Misconception based on the RER chart. Below the RER value of 0.86, a higher percentage fat is being burned for fuel. thus, it has been thought that by exercising at low intensity (the lower intensity of exercise, the lower the RER value), more fat would be burned for fuel and the fat stores would selectively decrease. this notion does not make sense mathematically and, more importantly, has never been proven in the laboratory.

Below are the two research studies that show which one is better Low-Intensity or High-Intensity

To test this hypothesis, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin, Law course, had subjects perform two 30- minute bought of exercise, a relatively low-intensity bout (RER=0.88) and relatively high- intensity bouts (RER=0.93). the result of the test is that for the low-intensity exercise, subject burned a total of 240 calories, with 96 calories comes from fat, which is near about 41% of total calories. During high-intensity exercise, the subject bure 450 total calories, which is more as compare to low-intensity workout. but the fact is 108 calorie burn from fat, which is 24% of total calories. therefore, the low-intensity workout, there was a higher percentage of calories comes from fat, but the total number of fat calories was less than during the high-intensity trial. it is important to remember that the total number of calorie burned is which determines weight loss, regardless of the source of those calories.

Low Intensity Vs High Intensity Exercise Which Is Better For Fat Loss?

Low-Intensity Vs High-Intensity Exercise Which Is Better For Fat Loss?

The results of a 2010 study imply that low-intensity exercise is better for weight loss than high-intensity exercise. But this study included a special population: severely obese teens. So are the results pertinent for you, as a runner with perhaps only a few extra pounds to lose? And if not, how should you regulate your training intensity to maximize fat loss?

In this study, conducted by researchers at the University of Udine, Italy, 20 obese teens were put on a diet and exercise program for fourteen days. Half of the subjects participated in a low-intensity exercise program (at 40 percent VO2 max) while the other half participated in a high-intensity workout program (in 70 percent VO2 max).

And guess what? It was found that members of this low-intensity exercise group dropped 37 percent more fat and almost two times as much fat. The authors of this study believe this happened because the subjects burned off more body fat during low-intensity exercise than during high-intensity exercise, in which they burned mainly carbohydrate.

Low Intensity Vs High Intensity Exercise Which Is Better For Fat Loss?

Low-Intensity Vs High-Intensity Exercise Which Is Better For Fat Loss?

Let’s tease this out a bit: If you dilly-dally your way through 10 minutes of low-intensity exercise, you are going to burn off 60 calories from fat and 60 out of carbs. On the flip side, if you crank out 10 minutes of high-intensity exercise, you’ll burn 80 calories from fat and 120 from carbs, he says. While that’s a lower ratio of fat to carbs, it’s still more fat–and calories–burned, that is the bottom line when it comes to weight reduction. So who cares if you burn a few additional carbs while you’re at it?


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